o Words & Thoughts are NOT mine; I do not own anything. All wisdom, knowledge & understanding was provided by the LORD. It came from my Heavenly Father, through His Spirit in me. (However, I would claim ALL sin/ fault/ error/ mistake as the LORD’s work is not YET done in me.)

o I do not claim to be anyone.. While some are accusing me as a false prophet when I am not even claiming to be a prophet.. I am not a prophet.. Not a teacher/preacher/apostle/pastor.. Etc etc.. I don’t want to take any names but just a young daughter of The King & imperfect servant of The Most High.. That’s it.

o I do not claim to know the word of God better than anyone else (who also have the Spirit of God) I myself am stumbling, learning, growing every day until My Father finally comes for me & everyone who’s longing for His appearing. 2 Tim.4:8 I just share everything that My Rabbi has taught me,. ..For I always pray that everything that I have learned & received may be given & shared to everyone, so that others may also be blessed and receive the joy in knowing the LORD, in a deeper & personal way.

o I am not after statistics/views.. Nor after fame or popularity.. My heart is true to God. My intention is very clear. It is just my desire to share everything that has been given to me so that others would be blessed as well. A single soul led back to God makes me happy; just as they rejoice in heaven over one sinner that repents. Luke 15:10

o Lastly, I am NOT recommending everything found in the linking websites. Please always pray & humbly ask for YaHuWaH’s discernment to lead us into All Truth & to keep us away from lies & deception. Everyone of us can be deceived.. so it is very IMPORTANT to ALWAYS Abide in YahuShua the Mashiach, Be Led by His Spirit & Grounded on the Word of Truth..

May the Lord God Most High of Israel, YahuShua YaHuWaH,
bless you, keep you and may His Spirit be upon you.

HalleluYAH! Glory to YAHushua YAHuwah alone! He ALONE is Worthy!
“..I am just an unworthy servant, I have only done my duty..” Luke 17:10

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